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Data Network

Take your business or organisation to the next level with the best data network technology can offer.

Cloud & Colocation

Our cloud and colocation services give you all the control without the hassle of managing your own network facility.


We will help you to set up any and all of your voice communication needs.


Eliminate risks with cutting edge security for your business or organisation.

Disaster Recovery

When it comes to the recovery of your company data, you need a team of experts that you can rely on.

Professional Services

We provide end-to-end cloud and ICT solutions for your business or organisation, no matter how big or small.

Why Choose Us?

We know the language of business


Backed by years of experience in the IT industry, our expert team is able to assist by tailoring our cloud solutions and ICT services to the specific needs of individual clients.

Tailored Service

Whether you are a small business, a medium sized organisation or a major corporation, Readiitel is able to help, so let us provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice.

Great Customer Support

Here at ReadiiTel, customer service is our top priority. Our 24/7 support team is always on standby to assist you so you’re never alone when you encounter a problem – no matter the day or time.

The Superior ICT Solutions

ReadiiTel delivers a  range of superior ICT solutions to guarantee your business receives maximum value from its network solution. Enhance your operations, increases productivity, gain competitive advantage and reliably connect your business to the world!

Why ReadiiTel

Readiitel delivers high-speed communication and internet services with the reliability you demand at a wholesale price.

To ensure super reliability, Readiitel uses multiple providers to connect our clients to and from our own CORE around Australia.

The service is a dedicated 1:1 circuit from your premises to our core network High speed links from our networks connect to all other capital cities and direct links to the local and international internet.

It takes just 45 working days from the date your application with readiitel to the date your service is installed and activated.

Within 10 days of your application being received you will be given a planned installation date. The actual date will be confirmed within 21 days.

Many providers don’t offer a service level guarantee and can leave their business clients waiting longer than 36 hours to resolve a fault.

With an Readiitel Service Level Agreement, when a problem occurs the fault is defined and resolved within the timeframe set by your agreement. Our SLA and pricing vary so you can choose the level of cover that is right for your business depending on your operational reliance on the internet.

Our target fault response time is 1 hour with almost all faults restored within 12 hours. Our target restoration time is 4 hours.

We empowered 1K Businesses

Readiitel offers quality, high-performance ICT products and services.
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Here at ReadiiTel we strive on our customers experience and their business growth

Here at ReadiiTel we strive on our customers experience and their business growth. Providing a reliable solution and acting with integrity to create tailored services to our Australian businesses is an obligation we standby for our Staff.

Our core values are based on unity and teamwork, and our unique structure allows us to work together to share ideas, knowledge and experience in order to deliver exceptional performance.



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